Tip 1: Distance--The Smash Factor!

For the first Insight post I think the topic pretty much chose itself--distance.

Everyone wants to hit it farther. How could you not? Good players know the advantage of being able to hit a high 7 iron from 190 when your opponent has to hit 5. Amateurs live for the feeling of that one drive you connect on right down the middle of the fairway. And my buddies basically play golf in a continual long drive match with the shortest hitter always having to endure the most ridicule (to put it lightly!).

The trick becomes, how do I maximize my effort and hit it farther without trying to swing too hard and actually diminish my returns. We call this the "smash factor"--the idea that we want to get more out of the hit with less overall effort. To be clear, the quickest way to improve distance is to improve contact. If you can hit it more solidly the ball will go farther. 

Now to improve contact and hit it more solidly we're going to go back to the basics. Watch the clubface actually make contact with the ball. Using your eyes properly in the golf swing can make all the difference.

The last piece of the puzzle to tie everything together is to find the correct effort level. Many people try to hit it farther by swinging harder. Golf is a unique sport. In many regards you have to try hard not to try hard. We're looking for effortless power rather than powerless effort. Start small and swing easy to feel the improved contact then make a bigger swing but maintain that effort level. 

It seems counterintuitive but by swinging at a controlled effort level and working on hitting it more solidly you will actually hit it much farther.

Hope this idea helps! If you want more information and a personalized lesson don't forget to call at 602-315-9555!