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Private lessons with John take place at Grayhawk Golf Club, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Come learn about your golf game in a comfortable and relaxed environment where we aren't afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. You will learn what to fix in your golf swing, become aware of what gets you going off track, and be equipped with the skills and tools to fix your swing yourself.



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Private Lessons

From beginner to advanced, junior to senior, all students interested in learning about their golf game and improving are welcome! Come in a group of 2-4 people if your friends want to join! Private lessons can take place in one or two hour sessions and are booked directly with John. If you love it sign up for the "Buy 4 Lessons get 1 Free" package. Potential areas of practice include the full swing, short game, mental approach, and playing lessons on the course.


  • Adult: $125/hr.

  • Junior: $100/hr.

  • Group: $150/hr for 2 students, +$20 for each additional student.

  • Playing: $300 for a 9 hole lesson (greens fee and cart included)

Golf Schools

Golf schools provide an intensive full or half day workshop where students can focus on every aspect of their game in a private or small group environment. The typical day starts with range and Trackman work from 9am-12pm, lunch at noon, an hour practice from 12pm-1pm on short game, and a playing lesson on the course from 2pm-4:30pm. An all includive price that gets you everything that JPK Golf Instruction has to offer in a one or two day school!


  • 1 Day School: $850/student.

  • 2 Day School: $1,500/student.

  • Lunch, greens fee, and cart included

  • Receive a Trackman report of all your swing data

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Certified Level 4 Instructor!

Try to think of a sport where balance doesn't play an integral role in performance. The greatest athletes of all time have an uncanny ability to make agility look effortless and natural. When you play golf in balance with the correct posture for your body your golf swing should be effortless and natural as well. Come get fit at Grayhawk and find out how WrightBalance fundamentals can improve your golf game. Email JPKostis@gmail.com or call 602-315-9555 to book your spot now if you want to:

  1. Improve the biomechanics of your golf swing by learning your dominant core region, the source of your true balance and strength
  2. Find out stance widths that make your swing repeatable and effortless
  3. Use balance to help you visualize and read greens more efficiently
  4. Learn to grip the club for your core region so you can rotate with ease
  5. Prevent overuse injuries due to hitting buckets of balls from the wrong set up
  6. Gain a core planking regimen that can improve body symmetry and strength

1st Fitting Session 2hrs: $200

30min lessons thereafter: $60


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