How do I book my first lesson?

Call me, text me, email me, or use the online scheduling! You can find all of that information on the contact page. I'll get back to you right away if I'm away from my phone or on the range.


Where do we meet?

I teach on the back end of the driving range at Grayhawk Golf Club. The trick is--there are two driving ranges. When you arrive at bag drop just tell the outside service guys that you have a lesson with me and they'll tell you if we're set up on Talon or Raptor range. 


What type of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, or credit card. Whichever you prefer works for me!


Can I show up early or stay late?

Absolutely--within reason! Feel free to show up about a half hour early and we'll have room for you to warm up on the back end of the range. After your lesson you're welcome to practice on the public end of the range for another half hour. Enjoy Grayhawk's chipping and putting greens!


How frequently should I have lessons?

This is on some level, a personal preference. However, I usually recommend that the first lesson be relatively close to the second lesson (ie within a week or two) so that we can establish a solid foundation. Once we feel confident that you understand the information and how to practice it correctly, the best thing to do is go play some golf for a while and see how it goes. After that, check back in with a lesson and we can see exactly what stuck and what we lost. My goal is to equip you with the tools to fix your own swing. Long term you won't even need me!